Thursday, October 15, 2009

High Octane Megazord

I never got into the Power Rangers as a kid. When Mighty Morphin came out I was a freshman in high school and was more into skateboarding and music. Everytime I go to buy Transformers they always seem to be right next to those spandex wearing sentai warriors. When I saw this zord on the shelf, I had to admit it looked pretty cool, so I gave RPM a shot. The show itself surprised the hell out of me. It had an adult feel while still being aimed towards kids. Quite impressive. Recently I decided to purchase the High Octane Megazord. I love any and all things robot, especially when they can combine and transform. This one did not let me down.

The Eagle Racer has a nice weight to it...much like myself. Easy to transform, but somehow satisfying at the same time. Also, allows you to recreate the show with the fists boosting it up and the wings folding down. Plus the eagle face on the hood is a classy design.

The Bear Crawler on the other hand is a little disappointing, falling a little flat compared to the others. Granted this is also true in the show as well. The furry teddy on wheels is too simple and leaves you wishing for more. It's "cute" as my wife puts it and I would have to agree. Not much playability, but a necessary evil to form the whole zord. Like Blast Off and Vortex are to Bruticus.

Lion Hauler is very unique and although it's simple as well, I have always had a soft spot when it comes to bus/trains that can transform. A nice feature about this one is how all the accessories can store away inside the back. The biggest of the three, but not as heavy as the Eagle Racer.

Once you assemble the whole thing you have an awesome Megazord. Maybe not the coolest or the best ever, but definitely top 5 in my opinion. When I first took it out of its package I had a smile on my face. Like the first time I got to touch a girls boob. well....maybe not, the first boob is always priceless, but it was pretty cool none the less. It has a decent mass and feel to it, as well as being very coherent, also as far as Zords go, a fair amount of articulation. I would say pick it up if you are into big robots and dig the way it looks. It meets all my criteria: cheap, effective, looks nice, and leaves me satisfied.