Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dr Frank N' Furter

When I used to work at Spencer Gifts I would come across a lot of crazy products like vibrators, weed trays, and of course weird toys like this one. My parents are huge Rocky Horror Picture Show freaks and used to go and see it on a regular basis when they were young. Growing up, it was a tradition around Halloween time to watch it, so this movie has always reminded me of those times. Imagine a chubby 8 year old boy doing the Time Warp on brown shag carpeting and wearing nothing but his underwear. Disturbing. I also married a RHPS freak as well and carried on the tradition of transvestites, weirdos, and those catchy songs around this time. Of course when I stumbled upon this doll I knew I had to get it for her. Originally $39.99, it was marked down to $19.98, plus with my 20% off you do the math...I was getting laid that night for sure!

We have had the doll now for about 8 years and through all the moves the packaging is less than perfect. I figured it would be the best time to finally take it out and review it. Furter was limited to only 30,000 made and the one we have is number 4,192. The box art blew me away with how much went into it. It screams nostalgia and brings me right back to my childhood. On the back, there is a velcro flap, that when opened, gives you a background on the movie celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film and a few more stills. It also has the Try Me Now feature that would play excerpts from Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite. I tried to include this with the video, but was flagged immediately for it.

Th doll itself is made of mostly a cloth material with the face, necklace, and shoes being plastic. Speaking of the face, I think they nailed Tim Curry perfectly. Looks just like that creepy ass bastard! Dr. Frank N' Furter of course comes with his doctor costume, but underneath is his sequined drag queen from hell outfit. The little things are what make this figure so impressive. They have his tattoo on his right arm, pearl necklace(ewww), two dollar hooker gloves and stockings, and his polka dotted high heels. All though completely screen accurate, the high heels do make it a pain in the ass to stand up at first, especially with this figure being close to 18" tall. In the back is a flap where the push button box fits into, that takes those stupid watch batteries that are hard to find. When you push on his belly you can cycle through those two songs. Also included is a reproduction Time Warp poster that is identical to the one used in the film.

Overall it is a fun piece to have. My wife and I left it out one day and our daughter saw it, thus begun the million and one questions. I would say it is a cool piece to own if you are a fan of the movie. If you are not a fan it will bring you nightmares that no amount of psychotherapy could help with. I mean it is a doll of Tim Curry in drag! I no longer get in my underwear and dance to the Time Warp, but at Halloween time, the wife and I still watch it at least once. For those sickos out there, no....the doll is not anatomically correct!