Tuesday, October 27, 2009

200+ YouTube Subscribers

I realized after watching the footage back that my original 100 red dot looked washed out. It's not though. Must have been the lighting. It took me 6 and a half hours to transform the 200 Transformers I used for a 10 second clip. Haha! Excellent! Funny how the LEGO one only took 30 minutes. It was extremely fun doing this and I really appreciate everyone who is subscribed and watches me make a fool of myself...it means a lot to me. I never thought I would hit 100 subscribers, let alone, 200. Blows my mind how cool everyone is in this community. Really does feel like an extension of my family as cheesy or overused as that may sound, it's true. Also, I realized I used the term "Thank You" over 20 times in this video....too much Golden Girls will do that to a man!