Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had an awesome Halloween this year! My wife and I took little Bellabot trick or treating door to door for the first time. She usually goes to a school event called trunk or treat, but this year wanted to go through the neighborhood and scare the shit out of people dressed as a vampire/bat thingy. She had a blast! Only problem is she didn't understand that you aren't suppose to have conversations with the people when they open the door. She was trying to talk their heads off about her day. Nothing scared her at all the whole night. I tried...believe me. I ended up getting slapped at one point because I scared my wife when I was trying to scare my daughter. It was indeed a good time and cannot wait until next year.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Generation 1 Transformers Repro Stickers 84-85

I came across a CD for sell of sticker formats for Transformers Generation 1 Autobots/Decepticons Series 1 and 2 (84-85.) It included high quality images of the sticker sheets as well as a sticker guides for placement. All you have to do is buy sticker paper from Wal-Mart or Office Depot and you are set! I want to use it for some of the custom figures I have made. Big thanks to Wolfkang1 for passing this onto me.

Stickers Galore here!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

200+ YouTube Subscribers

I realized after watching the footage back that my original 100 red dot looked washed out. It's not though. Must have been the lighting. It took me 6 and a half hours to transform the 200 Transformers I used for a 10 second clip. Haha! Excellent! Funny how the LEGO one only took 30 minutes. It was extremely fun doing this and I really appreciate everyone who is subscribed and watches me make a fool of means a lot to me. I never thought I would hit 100 subscribers, let alone, 200. Blows my mind how cool everyone is in this community. Really does feel like an extension of my family as cheesy or overused as that may sound, it's true. Also, I realized I used the term "Thank You" over 20 times in this video....too much Golden Girls will do that to a man!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dr Frank N' Furter

When I used to work at Spencer Gifts I would come across a lot of crazy products like vibrators, weed trays, and of course weird toys like this one. My parents are huge Rocky Horror Picture Show freaks and used to go and see it on a regular basis when they were young. Growing up, it was a tradition around Halloween time to watch it, so this movie has always reminded me of those times. Imagine a chubby 8 year old boy doing the Time Warp on brown shag carpeting and wearing nothing but his underwear. Disturbing. I also married a RHPS freak as well and carried on the tradition of transvestites, weirdos, and those catchy songs around this time. Of course when I stumbled upon this doll I knew I had to get it for her. Originally $39.99, it was marked down to $19.98, plus with my 20% off you do the math...I was getting laid that night for sure!

We have had the doll now for about 8 years and through all the moves the packaging is less than perfect. I figured it would be the best time to finally take it out and review it. Furter was limited to only 30,000 made and the one we have is number 4,192. The box art blew me away with how much went into it. It screams nostalgia and brings me right back to my childhood. On the back, there is a velcro flap, that when opened, gives you a background on the movie celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film and a few more stills. It also has the Try Me Now feature that would play excerpts from Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite. I tried to include this with the video, but was flagged immediately for it.

Th doll itself is made of mostly a cloth material with the face, necklace, and shoes being plastic. Speaking of the face, I think they nailed Tim Curry perfectly. Looks just like that creepy ass bastard! Dr. Frank N' Furter of course comes with his doctor costume, but underneath is his sequined drag queen from hell outfit. The little things are what make this figure so impressive. They have his tattoo on his right arm, pearl necklace(ewww), two dollar hooker gloves and stockings, and his polka dotted high heels. All though completely screen accurate, the high heels do make it a pain in the ass to stand up at first, especially with this figure being close to 18" tall. In the back is a flap where the push button box fits into, that takes those stupid watch batteries that are hard to find. When you push on his belly you can cycle through those two songs. Also included is a reproduction Time Warp poster that is identical to the one used in the film.

Overall it is a fun piece to have. My wife and I left it out one day and our daughter saw it, thus begun the million and one questions. I would say it is a cool piece to own if you are a fan of the movie. If you are not a fan it will bring you nightmares that no amount of psychotherapy could help with. I mean it is a doll of Tim Curry in drag! I no longer get in my underwear and dance to the Time Warp, but at Halloween time, the wife and I still watch it at least once. For those sickos out there, no....the doll is not anatomically correct!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here is some pictures of the packaging, as well as some size comparisons against his deluxe version and the other two Human Alliance figures out now. He reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream on a hot summer's day. Tasty and refreshing. Below is the actual review of the Skids, Arcee and Mikaela figures.

High Octane Megazord

I never got into the Power Rangers as a kid. When Mighty Morphin came out I was a freshman in high school and was more into skateboarding and music. Everytime I go to buy Transformers they always seem to be right next to those spandex wearing sentai warriors. When I saw this zord on the shelf, I had to admit it looked pretty cool, so I gave RPM a shot. The show itself surprised the hell out of me. It had an adult feel while still being aimed towards kids. Quite impressive. Recently I decided to purchase the High Octane Megazord. I love any and all things robot, especially when they can combine and transform. This one did not let me down.

The Eagle Racer has a nice weight to it...much like myself. Easy to transform, but somehow satisfying at the same time. Also, allows you to recreate the show with the fists boosting it up and the wings folding down. Plus the eagle face on the hood is a classy design.

The Bear Crawler on the other hand is a little disappointing, falling a little flat compared to the others. Granted this is also true in the show as well. The furry teddy on wheels is too simple and leaves you wishing for more. It's "cute" as my wife puts it and I would have to agree. Not much playability, but a necessary evil to form the whole zord. Like Blast Off and Vortex are to Bruticus.

Lion Hauler is very unique and although it's simple as well, I have always had a soft spot when it comes to bus/trains that can transform. A nice feature about this one is how all the accessories can store away inside the back. The biggest of the three, but not as heavy as the Eagle Racer.

Once you assemble the whole thing you have an awesome Megazord. Maybe not the coolest or the best ever, but definitely top 5 in my opinion. When I first took it out of its package I had a smile on my face. Like the first time I got to touch a girls boob. well....maybe not, the first boob is always priceless, but it was pretty cool none the less. It has a decent mass and feel to it, as well as being very coherent, also as far as Zords go, a fair amount of articulation. I would say pick it up if you are into big robots and dig the way it looks. It meets all my criteria: cheap, effective, looks nice, and leaves me satisfied.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1984 Transformers Board Game: Defeat the Decepticons

I bought this board game thinking it would be so fun to play as a family. Unfortunately, I was dead wrong. The artwork, for the most part, is your standard stock photos with a few new ones thrown in to spice it up. This aspect I do appreciate seeing how I am a huge G1 Transformers fan, but the rules/gameplay is so confusing it cheapens the experience. It's like being infatuated with Christina Ricci, then meeting her in person and finding out she is no better than a $20 hooker. Looks can be deceiving.

The setup is nice, and especially as an adult, gave me that nostalgic feel I was hoping far. There are four sets of "PAWNS" which are just pictures of Optimus Prime in robot and alt mode on different color cardboard. 30 "TOKENS" in all of 6 minicars in various colors, which even though they were just pictures on round multicolored circular pieces of the same cardboard, actually worked out quite well. A beautiful game board, dice, and my favorite part, the "GAME CARDS" which featured some of my favorite G1 characters that had actions you would have to use through out the game.

Although it looks nice and simple, the rules are far from it. It says ages 7-Adult, but i could not see any kid wanting to play this game now a days....or any adult for that matter. Except maybe me and that's just because I am a loser and have no life. When you get into the game itself, it feels like a clusterfucked version of Chinese Checkers meets Sorry. It is 2-4 players, but I would recommend playing the game with four. When you play the game with just two people, it drags on and instantly becomes a chore to finish. Like being forced to go clothes shopping with your wife/girlfriend, you keep asking yourself "when will this be over?" even though you know the answer. When you are dead of course. Chances are she will out live you and use your savings account when you are dead to buy a nice new dress, so she looks pretty while she dances on your grave.

I bought this game off of evil-Bay for $10 including shipping. Not a lot of money, but after playing the game I realized that would have been better spent on cheap wine and a tasty least I would have had more fun that way. If you feel you need this for your collection I wouldn't pay a dime more for it. It's really not worth it unless you want the game for the artwork or , for you stoners, plan to use the board itself as a rolling tray.

Click to read the instructions. 1 2 3

Monday, October 12, 2009

Greetings from the swamps, I'm Andy....

Just wanted to setup a place for me to talk about anything and everything that is my plastic addiction. There will be stories, reviews, pictures, and random rants along the way.